How can you help?

The Integrated System of Art Instruction for Social Inclusion, SIFAIS (from its Spanish name: Sistema Integral de Formación Artística para la Inclusión Social) facilitates musical, artistic, sports or crafts teaching in order that participants may:

  • Interact with the other members of the group, in a cheerful environment that combines discipline and hard work with cordiality.

  • Increase self-esteem in the participants, their families and their community.

  • Provide entertainment options that are constructive and promote integration.

  • Facilitate integration with members of other communities, where SIFAIS groups may play or where its members may work as instructors.

  • Experience the satisfaction of serving others.

  • Value their opportunities and instill the desire to make the most of them.

  • Experience the joy of developing the higher faculties bestowed on human beings, as well as the positive interactions that are facilitated by art and sports, and learning how to participate in social networks

As a donor or finder of  

instruments and equipment



SIFAIS’ goal is to provide each participant with a musical instrument or the required equipment to develop their artistic, athletic or technical activity.

Any instrument or piece of equipment is welcomed, new or used. We can even receive damaged instruments and repair them. The idea is make everyone aware that others may have use for what we have stored away in a corner. 


As an instructor,facilitator or assistant 



SIFAIS’ participants require instructors in the area of their choice, but they need even more people with good will that want to transmit what they know by giving their time, interest and disposition to those that are willing to learn by their direction. 


As a promoter for the



We believe SIFAIS is an achievable and replicable project.

Many can help by instructing in distributing and teaching the concept, objective and purpose of this project.

As a donor of resources 


By making contact with the community we can help in ideals that have to do with health, infrastructure, production and others. In this case, what we try to achieve is that these supports have a promotional effect in the community.

Besides, Sifais needs allies that can facilitate the promotion of the program through donations, funds and others. We believe that a project that wants to be successful and transcendental has to be willing to be helped by others.